My goal in publishing these books is above all to share with readers the passion and intimate relationship that connects me to trees.

Today, the fruit of all these years of research is gathered in my trilogy on tree bark–a reference in the field. My books are very popular, both in the scientific and botanical domains as well as in the fields of art and design. They have received 8 awards, and been translated into 5 languages. More than 100,000 copies have been sold worldwide.

Tome 1:
« BARK, an intimate look at the world’s trees» (2008)

Translated into English, German, Japanese, Italian and Chinese
192 pages / 4400 photos of trees and barks
The most remarkable barks of the planet, accompanied by informative texts on each species.

Tome 2:
« BARK, an outdoor art gallery » (2011)

Translated in Italian
256 pages / 450 macro photos of bark
An aesthetic journey, rich in colours and amazing textures. An infinite source of inspiration for artists.

Tome 3:
« WINTER GARDENS, reinventing the season » (2016)

Translated in German, English and Italian
224 pages / 480 photos of trees, shrubs, plants and gardens
In France and England, the most beautiful gardens in winter provide ideas for transforming your garden into an explosion of colour.


First Prize, P.J. Redouté 2017
& Readers’ Prize

The Garden Media Awards 2018
First prize, best garden book in England

European Garden Book Award 2018
2d Prize, best European garden book


Luc Noël show, ‘Jardin & Loisirs’ on RTBF (Belgium), presentation of the book WINTER GARDENS (January 2017)

TV Show "Télé Matin" on France 2 (March 2023)

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