Unknown and yet so accessible to the general public, the world of bark is a veritable open- air art gallery. My main objective is to surprise, touch, and if possible, amaze people, so everyone can become aware of the beauty, but also the fragility of our natural environment. Families, neophytes or experts, artists, people passionate about photography or nature — Everyone can discover trees as they have never seen them before!

I propose custom-designed exhibits that fit your site perfectly—indoors or outdoors, in a garden or park. More than 150 photos of tree barks are available in many sizes (from 40 x 50 cm to 260 x 370 cm).

The exhibition can address one of these 3 themes:
– WINTER GARDENS: the magic of colorful bark
– MANKIND & BARK: from the Neolithic Age to the present day

Since 2001, I’ve organized more than 70 solo exhibitions in France (Galeries Jardins en Art in Paris, Abbey of Epau in Le Mans, Parc de Champagne in Reims, Museum of Natural Sciences in Angers, Botanical Garden of Nancy, Cultural Center in St Raphael), and also abroad: Switzerland (Independence Park in Morges), USA (Brooklyn Botanical Garden, Peabody-Essex Museum in Salem, MA, Rockefeller State Park Art Gallery in Pleasantville, NY.

For more details on the content of my exhibitions, and to receive a cost estimate for your site, don’t hesitate to contact me.




To this artistic display can be added a more scientific and educational dimension, like a fascinating cabinet of curiosities: hundreds of natural samples from my «phloiotheque» (a collection of nearly 800 different species of bark) as well as numerous ethnobotanical objects made from the bark of birch, cherry, linden, cork oak, etc.


Cedric Pollet is one of the rare people who know how to share their artistic sense and give us the desire to travel in their world. He shared his passion with thousands of visitors of all ages and certainly changed their outlook on trees..

Christine Lombard

Service for Public Events in Green Spaces, City of Reims, City of Reims, Ville de Reins

Creating public interest and enthusiasm for this kind of subject in a 400-square metre space was a real wager. We just regret that it lasted only one month! Every year I program a scientific exhibition. This was one of the most beautiful and most complete in the 15 years of my career.

Marie-Laure Letellier

Curator, City of Celle Saint-Cloud, Ville de la Celle Saint-Cloud


Report: Phot’Aubrac Festival Exhibition (2022)

Report: Myrtle Botanical Garden - Sainte Maxime (83)
(Spring 2021)
Report: Exhibition at the Royal Abbey of Épau in Yvré-l'Évêque
(Summer 2019)
Evening news report (France 3, Pays Gardois) on the exhibition at the Abbey of St André de Villeneuve-Lès-Avignon (March 2017)


We can only marvel at the huge pod from the wawa liana, the giant parachute of salsify, the indigo blue color of seeds from the traveler’s tree, the aerodynamic wing of the Javanese flying cucumber.

Specific to the plant kingdom, seeds are complex structures unique in the world of living organisms. Since plants are anchored to the ground by their roots, they must use great ingenuity. They produce seeds, often extraordinary, ready to colonize new territories.

This exhibition about seeds is the result of 15 years of collecting and research. Visitors will discover the incredible diversity of the botanical world and learn the different strategies used by plants to disseminate their seeds via water, wind, animals, and even fire.

All these treasures, from the most common to the rarest, come from trees, palms, shrubs and grasses from all over the world. Among the 3,000 samples in the collection, 500 specimens were especially selected for their beauty, to travel and be presented to the public.

Cédric Pollet – Copyright - ©2019