Photo Exhibit and chocolate trunks at the Colas chocolate workshop

November 2009 – February 2010 in Maule (near Paris)

On November 8th, was launched the 'Winter 2009' collection of works in chocolate, stemming from a beautiful meeting between Helene Colas, her creativity, her team and Cédric's photos of bark...a feast for the eyes and taste buds...

Colas chocolate workshop at Maule, Tel : +33(0)1 30 90 90 44

Bark and Stucco: another look

October 2009 in Paris

Laurence Cauwet, fresco artist, places with talent, her mastery of stucco in the service of the subject matter and color. Nature, plants and bark in particular have greatly inspired her to achieve truly contemporary frescoes: les Murs Objets®

Conference and Book-Signing at the Librairie de la Maison Rustique

September 15th 2009 in Paris

In a small busy street in the 6th arrondissement, the organizers of the P.J. Redouté Prize, rewarding the best books on plants of the year, invited the winning authors to hold a book signing. Cédric hosted the event with a slide show and a book signing for his book ECORCES, which was awarded the Artistic Prize 2009.

Librairie de la Maison Rustique, 26 Rue Jacob à Paris
Tel : +33(0)1 42 34 96 60,

P.J.Redouté Award,

Workshops at the Bambouseraie of Prafrance

June 5th-7th 2009 in Anduze (Gars – South West of France)

As part of the event, 'Time Gardens', Cedric will meet with visitors to the famous bamboo nursery of Anduze and offer them an unforgettable journey through the marvelous world of trees.

Accessible to all, this miniature plant museum dazzles young and old alike by stimulating all their senses.

Bambouseraie de Prafrance à Anduze, Tel : +33(0)4 66 61 70 47

Exhibition at the Culutural Center of Lavandou

May 2009 in Lavandou (near St Tropez, Var – France)

Opening May 5th, the exhibition 'Secrets of bark', in the beautiful, bright and spacious Cultural Center of Lavandou, presenting a collection of seventy-six photos of bark from all the continents and an amazing installation of a multi-colored bamboo forest.

In search of Wili-Wili...

Mars 009 – Report on the Hawaiian archipelago (USA)

This American archipelago consists of eight principal islands each with its own specific unique botanical world and has one of the highest rates of endemic species in the world (> 90%). Certain endemic trees, like the Wili-Wili (Erythrina sandwicensis) are threatened.

Cédric also fell in love with the majestic Cuipo tree (Cavanillesia platanifolia), whose trunk reveals a very strange and original ring structure.

Meeting with a class of Second Graders

Academic Year 2009 at Fréjus (South East of France)

Iva Faure, teacher at Aubanel School in Fréjus mounted the Artistic and Cultural Project around the theme of trees and photography.
Cédric came throughout the 2009 school year to introduce the children to the magical world of bark, wood, fruit and seeds of trees of the world and to teach them to observe and take photos.

The students finished off the year with an exhibit of photographs and art work in the school halls.

In search of frankincense trees...

February 2008 – Report on Socotra Island (Yemen)
Socotra is a Yemen Island located off the eastern Horn of Africa. Within this small botanical paradise are eight of the twenty-four species of frankincense trees (Boswellia) existing in the world.
The tears of frankincense are most often collected after cutting into the inner bark and tapping the resin canals.
The island is also famous for its impressive centuries-old forests of dragon trees (Dracaena cinnabari) and its thousands of disproportionately large desert-roses (Adenium socotranum).

Outdoors exhibition at the Villa Thuret Botanical Garden

September-November 2007 in Antibes

A retreat where all year long, Cédric comes to escape and rejuvenate at the foot of majestic trees so symbolic of his work : eucalyptus, strawberry trees, pines, and paper bark trees...

Very pleased and honored to have been chosen to celebrate 150 years for the remarkable INRA Jardin d'Acclimatation, Cédric set the stage by suspending six triptychs in the pine forest...


The Rainbow gum, a natural work of art

November 2007 – Report at Kebun Raya Bogor (Indonesia)

A book on bark would not be possible without including the most amazing bark of all, where every color blends without limit. A genuine plant rainbow, the bark becomes a real work of art that leaves no one indifferent.

This splendid Mindanaon gum (Eucalyptus deglupta), from the island of the same name in the south-west of the Philippines, is the only eucalyptus originating in the northern hemisphere. It does equally well, however, in the forests of Indonésia and New Guinea.

Exhibition at the Museum of Asian Arts

June-September 2007 in Nice (South East of France)

This year, the Museum of Asian Arts in Nice has chosen as its theme the tree through the ancient art of bonsai.

For this occasion, Cédric has selected a series of thirteen Asian barks : maples and Chinese elm, Himalayan birches, Tibetan cherry, bamboo, Japanese cedar and banana... 
For increasing awareness, informative texts accompany each photo.

Exhibition at the Villa des Asphodèles

December 2006 in Saint Raphaël (South East of France)

The city of Saint Raphaël commissioned Cédric to make an original exhibit.
He created installations using scraps of eucalyptus bark several meters long and, thanks to a play of light calculated to the millimeter, he revealed publicly his photos, as he had never done before.

Exhibition at the Art Gallery of the BBG

June-July 2006 in Brooklyn (New-York - USA)

What could be more natural than to show the tree bark in a space dedicated to plants the world over...The Brooklyn Botanical Garden is world famous for its magnificent trees and its interest in Asian flora, particularly it's Japanese garden and collection of Japanese cherry blossoms.

Exhibition in the Park de l’Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild

September 5th-25th 2005 in Paris
For his first exhibit in the capital, Cédric had the opportunity to show his work outside in the Park Hotel Salomon de Rothschild for Garden Days in Paris.
This exposition was presented and supported by the National Foundation of Graphic and Visual Arts.

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