Outdoor Exhibition in REIMS

Wonderful outdoor exhibition in Reims - Parc de Champagne
'The Beauty of Trees' : June 30th - November 4th 2018

118 Cedric's pictures of his barks and trees from all over the world
48 big outdoor panels (120cmx180cm)


BARK exhibition : the main attraction of the year at the Jean Marie Pelt Botanic Garden of Nancy
October 6th - December 9th

When 'JARDINS d'HIVER' cross borders...

Just one year after its huge success in France, the third book of Cedric set out to conquer Europe & North America.
'JARDIN D'HIVER' is now available in English, German and Italian.

New outdoor exhibition in Sens

August-September 2017
20 new bark pictures (24x32in) have been selected by the City of Sens, South of Paris for this new outdoor exhibition. A nice walk through the two main public parks of the city.

Information :
City of SENS

First Prizes Versailles & P.J. Redouté

June 2017
Cédric's third book : 'JARDINS d'HIVER, une saison réinventée' ('WINTER GARDENS, reinventing the season') is undoubtedly the plant/garden book of the year.

It was awarded three times :
- 1st Prize P.J. Redouté 2017 and also Prize of the Public.
- Versailles Great Prize of the Book 2017.

Exhibitions in Morges - Switzerland

May 2017
For the 20th anniversary of ASSA (a Switzerland Tree Association), Cedric exhibited his pictures in the main park and the gallery of the City of Morges, near Lausanne.

Informations :
Espace 81, 81 Grand-Rue & Parc de l'Indépendance, Morges - SWITZERLAND

New exhibition - Villeneuve-lez-Avignon

March-Avril 2017
Listed as the only private historical national monument of France, the famous Abbaye Saint-André has selected Cedric's work for its first public exhibition. In spring 2017, they inaugurated the newly refurbished halls with his beautiful winter garden pictures and his amazing bark collection.

Informations :
Abbaye Saint-André, Fort Saint-André, Villeneuve-lez-Avignon

Art exhibition in Paris

October-December 2017
Around 30 art pictures were exhibited in this beautiful Parisian art gallery : 'Jardins en Art'.
It was also the opportunity to celebrate and promote the new book 'Winter Gardens, reinventing the season'.

Informations :
Galerie Jardins en Art, 19 Rue Racine, 75006 Paris

NOW AVAILABLE : The Winter Garden book

Since 2008, Cédric is studying WINTER GARDENS using especially colorful barks and stems for a very stunning winter infect.
In his third book on trees and their beautiful barks, Cédric will show you the most beautiful winter gardens he has visited in England and in France for the last 9 years.

The book 'Winter Gardens, reinventing the season', published by Frances Lincoln, is now available in English, but also in German and Italian.

Review in the Figaro Magazine

In the famous French magazine : The Figaro , 8 pages have been just devoted to Cedric's work and his beautiful bark pictures.
now on newsstands and available for a week

BARK exhibition at Castelnaudary (South West of France)

April 2015
During spring 2015, 60 bark pictures and more than 100 bark samples have been exhibited at the Paul Sibra Gallery in Castelnaudary, near Toulouse (France).

Collective Tree exhibition at the Peabody Essex Museum - USA - 2015

September 2014 - September 2015
For the third time, Cédric has the opportunity to exhibit his work in the USA.
The famous Peabody Essex Museum at Salem, North East of Boston (USA) will exhibit a unique show of contemporain international artists who work on the same issue: trees.

Fruits and seeds Exhibition

October 2013
During the week of the national Science Festival, the Cultural Center of Saint-Raphaël (near Cannes - France) were very proud to exhibit the best samples of Cedric's collections.
For the the first time, Cedric exhibited his most wonderful dry fruits and seeds from all over the world.

The Tree Bark Exhibition, Paris

Spring 2013
The best and the biggest exhibition to see Cedric's work : more than 120 pictures and hundreds of true bark samples from his private collection

Workshops at the Villa Thuret Botanic Garden

June 2012
Cedric loves sharing his passion for trees during his workshops. For this special event at the Villa Thuret Botanic Garden in Antibes (near Nice - france), he brought hundreds of samples from all over the world. A magic moment for young and old.

Museum of Natural History (Angers - FRANCE): BARK exhibitions

January-September 2012
Cedric is more than happy to show you some of his best tree bark photos exhibited at the Museum of Natural History in Angers.

You will see many pictures from his new book on tree barks and 80 unusual bark samples from his private collection in 2 difference sites :

Indoor exhibition at the Museum : January 27 - September 18, 2012
Outdoor exhibition in the Arboretum Allard : Spring 2012

REIMS (FRANCE) : Outdoor Exhibition

Autumn 2012
The famous 'Parc de Champagne' invited Cédric for their annual tree festival in Reims.

He exhibited 21 pictures between the outstanding chestnut trees circle of the park.

Bark Exhibition at the Rockefeller Art Gallery

Summer 2011
After his first American exhibition in 2006 at the Art Gallery of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Cédric go back to the USA to show some of his new bark pictures at the Rockefeller Art Gallery (Pleasantville-NY).

European Wood Show in Grenoble, France: 14-17 April

The European Wood Show in Grenoble is a must for all people who love wood sculptures & art craft, wood furnitures, constructions, tools, advises.

Cedric will be here during the entire event, exhibiting photos and many samples of barks, woods, fruits and seeds from all over the world.

Conference & signatures of his book BARK: Saturday the 16th, 9h-10h30

ALPEXPO - Salon Européen du Bois et de l'Habitat Durable
2 avenue d'Innsbruck à  Grenoble
Opening hours : 9h-19h

When a bark becomes a scarf...

The world of bark is an amazing source of inspiration for many artists.

Berna and her friends are handweavers. She found the book BARK from The English Garden Magazine and showed it to her local weaving guild, the Weavers of Orlando.

They were so inspired by the photos that they did a weaving exchange where they each picked one of the bark photos in the book and wove a scarf to match the photo.The result is just amazing and very original.


BARK in English

The English version of BARK (published by Frances Lincoln) is now available in England, the USA and Australia.

'This book is a work of art. We all dream about one day capturing images of this quality on our own cameras' said Tony Kirkham (Head of the arboretum at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, UK) in the magazine GARDENS Illustrated. 'The world's most beautiful barks' said Claire O'Neill in THE Picture SHOW (National Public Radio - USA).
'Amazing tree snaps are barkings' (The Sun - UK).
'The beauty of tree bark' (The Telegraph - UK).

For the next translation, a new destination...the 'land of the rising sun' where the book will be released next year (Japanese Publisher : Sogen-Sha).

To order the book in English:
www.franceslincoln.com or Amazon

June 16 – August 1, 2010 : Ile-Saint-Denis (Paris, France)


For this touring exhibition of BARKS, 24 photographs (size : 90x180cm) are presented outdoors around the Maison du Parc. This charming and unusual green space is located on a small island in the Seine river on the outskirts of Paris.

June 20 : meeting with Cédric and his workshop (2pm - 5pm)


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